Chipping CampdenChipping Campden (not Chipping Camden!)
Chipping Campden - a quintessentially English town in the heart of The Cotswolds

Welcome to, your guide to Chipping Campden, the surrounding area of Gloucestershire including Broad Campden, Blockley and the Cotswolds...



With immediate effect - this site will terminate soon! (Though, probably not before you finish reading this page! And there won't be any explosions, and stuff, so don't worry! ;-) ) Yes, is no longer going to provide both tourists and residents alike information about Chipping Campden and its surrounding journey!

Which means the following:

  • It is now not possible to advertise on this website
  • It is now not possible to find listings on this website
  • It is now not possible to do anything on this website
    (except read this page!)

If you are interested in such things, then can I politely point you in the direction of these worthy websites, for all things Campden and Cotswolds:


Good Bye!

This project, first mooted by Campden resident Hugh Edmonds in 2001 (I think), has been an interesting one, to say the least. But it's been difficult to continually evolve the website as necessary, not least because the two people behind the site don't actually live in Chipping Campden and have never lived there! (D'oh!).

So it's much easier for us to say adieu, and leave the online Campden space to others (good luck fending off Trip Advisor, guys!) - happy in the knowledge that our Campden efforts had an influence on theirs (oh yes it did!).

Leaving us to get on with other things...

Steve M Nash & Georgia Davey
(Feb 19th, 2014)

PS This holding page will be kept here until the domain name expires!

PPS So long and thanks for all the fish!





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